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Sooooo.  Summer is winding down.  I'm almost ready to go… - Linda Hearts You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Linda Cecille Genevieve

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[Aug. 29th, 2007|10:56 pm]
Linda Cecille Genevieve
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Sooooo.  Summer is winding down.  I'm almost ready to go back.  Just a few more fun days....

Yesterday I did nothing.  Well, nothing productive.  I watched a lot of Project Runway.  Yea.  I tried to sleep in my bed because I'm pretty sure I haven't once this summer just to see if I could do it.  Because my parents don't let me sleep on the couch during the week when it's school.  Pretty sure I slept horribly.  It took almost an hour to fall asleep and I kept waking up.  Yuck.

Today I woke up at 9:07.  I took a shower and wrote my birthday thank you's.  Then Anthony came and got me and we went to Borders to see if the CIS books were anywhere near reasonably priced.  They weren't.  So I didn't buy any.  I will just use my sister's probably.  Then we went to JoAnn, Etc. briefly and I got two ribbons.  Pink with black dots and white with a pretty edge.  Then we came to my house and watched The Prestige to see if I would understand it better the second time.  Only a little bit.  Oh well.  Then he left and Laura and I started to watch it again but we both fell asleep.  My mom woke me up to get ready to go to open house.

When we got there I went right to Vitt's room and got him to sign one of my TA forms.  He would have done both, but the other period I wanted is his prep hour.  That means that term 4 I'm in the French room for half of the day.  How killer is that?!  Then we went to see Olson who said it would probably work for me to be his TA for the other period.  Cool cool.  Then I went to meet Shoger and Ross and Ableiter and Olinger.  I also saw Hamski and Schwartz and Dahl.  That was fun.  I like seeing old teachers.  I opened my locker which is in a sucky place.  Then we went to Target and I got a new hair dryer and straightener and some makeup and yea.  Then I came home and picked what I'm wearing for my yearbook picture tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for dancing tomorrow!