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[Sep. 23rd, 2007|08:03 pm]
Linda Cecille Genevieve
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So it's Sunday night.  I don't particularly care for Sunday nights.  It means we have to go back to school tomorrow.  But!  Tomorrow is coronation which should be fun stuff.

Friday night was the football game.  Before that Anthony and I went to Alix's for dinner.  Yea, that sounds kind of like an awkard situation, but it was actually just fine.  It was good we won the game so Alix could go home and be happy we won the first football game she went to.  She will prolly come to homecoming too.

I have so much homework I could be doing but none of it is due tomorrow so I'm having a hard time getting started.  I might not end up doing much.  Bah I'm bad.

I don't really have anything else to say.  I'm sorry if I'm crabby this week or something.  My mom was getting mad about my attitude this weekend cause I think I'm PMSing.  Raa.  I hate being a girl.