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 Hi.  I slept over at Brianna's last night.  Darbi and… - Linda Hearts You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Linda Cecille Genevieve

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[Sep. 1st, 2007|09:20 pm]
Linda Cecille Genevieve
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 Hi.  I slept over at Brianna's last night.  Darbi and Kate had a scary experience that we rescued them from.  I woke up early today to get ready to go to the Renaissance Festival with Allyson, Anthony, and Kate.  I woke up early to discover something that would make my day much worse.  Equals I took a crapload of pain medication today and was not happy about being female.  Stinking what is wrong with me?!  I felt bad for being a downer or whatever.  But it was fun.  Fun fun.  I was sufficiently distracted from my abdominal pain while we were doing wax hands.  We drove home and I felt gross again.  Then I came home and took a shower cause I was all dirty.  Like dirty with dirt.  That doesn't usually happen.  But it felt good to get all clean after being all dirt-y.  Then I braided my hair so it might be crimped tomorrow.  Then I put pajamas on because nothing is comfortable right now and I just feel gross.  My muscles hurt like growing pains even though I haven't grown for about two years.  My jaw hurts from clenching all day.  I clench my jaw to help control my negative emotions or feelings.  Negative today = abdominal pain.  We've been down this road.

I was just cleaning out my favorites on Explorer and I ended up looking through all my dance pictures.  The ones I took on my deck all the time.  I found myself being vainly jealous of myself in my three-years-younger body.  I scolded myself for that.  Because I know now I'm three-years-stronger.  I think if I can get my uterus to cooperate, I might try to take some pictures just before school starts.  I haven't done it since last fall.  Or was it the fall before that?  A long time ago.  Aie.  I like ballet.  It's pretty.

I'm sleeping over at Brianna's tonight again.  Fun stuff.